Sunday, January 07, 2007

Yesterday's Bird List

double-crested cormorant
canada goose
red-tailed hawk
bald eagle
mourning dove
belted kingfisher
red-headed woodpecker
red-bellied woodpecker
yellow-bellied sapsucker
blue jay
carolina chickadee
tufted titmouse
white-breasted nuthatch
carolina wren
eastern bluebird
white-throated sparrow
house finch

We were at Rockwood Park (Chesterfield County) on a nearly-70-degree-and-sunny morning. Walking by the lake and glimpsing the picnic shelters reminded me of Girl Scout hikes and cookouts, the parties Dad would through for his patients and staff, and picnics with friends' families.

Phiance is asking about the picnics Dad would host: I recall games of volleyball and horseshoes. I remember lots of salt-free potato salad and chips and brownies for the dialysis patients. I remember going to a specialty store of some sort to pick up some pre-made hamburgers from a company called Murry's Steaks. One year, there were way to many left over and we at them at home for ages. For a while, Murry's became a watch-word for hamburger.

After birding, I had to return Girl in the Tangerine Scarf, so we walked over to Belmont, and then swung into Carytown, where, on a lark, we bought a wedding ring. Since Schwarzschild has been having a huge "reorganization sale," the stock was a bit thin, and we had to go to Short Pump for the other one.


spunky p said...

I LOVE seeing your periodic lists--thanks so much for sharing them!

I have major memories of Rockwood park, because our school always had our end of the year picnic there. About the only thing I ever saw there was the picnic shelters and the softball fields!

And wedding rings are in hand? Man, that is so cool! Sounds like it was a near perfect day. :)

Marky Mark said...

Can't wait to see the ring!Congratulations (again) to both of you !

Daniel said...

I am going to forgive the goofy spelling errors based on Shiny Object Confusion. But really, Liesl--Short Pump! I know the Big S has closed its downtown store, but come on now! You may now expect something truly bizarre as a wedding present. (Your house has ever cried out for a Panatrope.)

Lisa said...

Dan, you know it's 1948 in my house, not 1918, right? these things look neither maple nor streamlined!