Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wasting Time

Because I have been wasting too much time staring at Facebook, I've fallen behind reading (and writing) blogs. Only today did I learn that I missed a fabulous international observance:

"Recognizing the increasing impact that television has on decision-making by alerting world attention to conflicts and threats to peace and security and its potential role in sharpening the focus on other major issues, including economic and social issues. . . " the UN proclaims "21 November World Television Day, commemorating the date on which the first World Television Forum was held"!

Resolution in full on UN site, here. Tip o' the hat to Information Junk.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Good News, Everybody!

The always cool Newseum has a nice online exhibit of post-election front pages.

Via the always interesting LII.
RefGrunting is Fun

Library Stuff points to this good one, and this guy remains fun to read. I'm not sure why I like these kind of blogs; the camaraderie, maybe? The warm glow of an I'm-not-the-only-one feeling?

Let's see what we get this morning:

- study room

- visitor card

- computer trouble

- open janitor's closet for general services fellows who will change some lightbulbs for us

- visitor card printing; and he wants to chat about how nice it is to be back in Va., from California, for a visit

- needs library card number

- act as monitor for change-over of study room . . .

- boot a tiny kid out of the office chair she stole from a PC (now needed by a patron) and bring her a chair from a study table instead

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Library of Virginia has joined Flickr's Commons program: you are invited to tag historical images. LVa's pictures, here.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Unseasonably Warm

I live in a row house. The neighbors immediately on either side of me are very nice: no one is too loud, each neightbor has been over to the Christmas party at least once, we chat, we grab each other's mail, etc. Once nice neighbor must have left her not-so-nice contractor with a key and gone out of town, however. Yesterday before 7 a.m., and this morning before 8, workmen were over there pounding. From the truck full of debris parked in the back alley parking lot, I'd say bathroom demolition is the project at hand.

Luckily, it was already 60 degrees and sunny, so we grabbed binoculars and headed to James River Park. The birding was so-so, but the leaves are gorgeous, and the drought allowed us easy access to the rocks. At first, we just enjoyed hopping on flat, low rocks and marveling at the potholes (for a good picture, click here and scroll down) and generally weird moon-scape of it all. Then P got more goal-oriented and we decided to see how far we could get across the river: well over half-way across it turned out! It felt strange but nice to sit on a warm, low rock in the middle of the James in November. The Carillon rose majestically out of yellow and orange trees, traffic whizzed along on the Nickel Bridge, and we sat and soaked up sun.

I'm hoping the rock-hopping kept my sore muscles limber. We did a little duckpin bowling last night, and all kinds of bowling use muscles I don't usually use!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Monday, November 03, 2008

Someone referred to one of these gender analysis programs in a blog recently -- I think it was a woman author writing about writing first person narrative for a male character. Here's one for blogs. It analyzed CCD correctly, and called DDA, a joint project for me and my Phusband "male" which makes sense 'cause I think I wrote only two entries to date.
What She Said (Blogging)

Yeah, that's about it - this blog is a place to park ideas and try new things. See Christina's LIS Rant.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saturday at the Lib

I show him where Shonen Jump is, and there is joy.

Romance - Thrillers by Sharon Sala.

Clifford books.

Beginning Readers.

Books in Spanish.

Study room dramas.

Five Cups of Tea? Um, how about Three Cups of Tea?

Aww, Gamblin' Man does have a wife. He's one of these fellows who looks well-kept and well-dressed enough to have a job, yet seems to have two hours free most days to come to the lib and play online poker. Sometimes, I imagine these fellows are hiding a gambling problem from the wife and kids. Other times, I imagine them as lonely-hearts with sterile little apartments up by the mall.

I put some Xmas books in the Friends book sale -- CVS was putting out holiday merchandise this morning, so I can, too!

Historical fiction. They aren't all in one place - anythin in particular? Luckily, he says Yes: chosing a random one can be tough.