Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saturday at the Lib

I show him where Shonen Jump is, and there is joy.

Romance - Thrillers by Sharon Sala.

Clifford books.

Beginning Readers.

Books in Spanish.

Study room dramas.

Five Cups of Tea? Um, how about Three Cups of Tea?

Aww, Gamblin' Man does have a wife. He's one of these fellows who looks well-kept and well-dressed enough to have a job, yet seems to have two hours free most days to come to the lib and play online poker. Sometimes, I imagine these fellows are hiding a gambling problem from the wife and kids. Other times, I imagine them as lonely-hearts with sterile little apartments up by the mall.

I put some Xmas books in the Friends book sale -- CVS was putting out holiday merchandise this morning, so I can, too!

Historical fiction. They aren't all in one place - anythin in particular? Luckily, he says Yes: chosing a random one can be tough.

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