Sunday, November 09, 2008

Unseasonably Warm

I live in a row house. The neighbors immediately on either side of me are very nice: no one is too loud, each neightbor has been over to the Christmas party at least once, we chat, we grab each other's mail, etc. Once nice neighbor must have left her not-so-nice contractor with a key and gone out of town, however. Yesterday before 7 a.m., and this morning before 8, workmen were over there pounding. From the truck full of debris parked in the back alley parking lot, I'd say bathroom demolition is the project at hand.

Luckily, it was already 60 degrees and sunny, so we grabbed binoculars and headed to James River Park. The birding was so-so, but the leaves are gorgeous, and the drought allowed us easy access to the rocks. At first, we just enjoyed hopping on flat, low rocks and marveling at the potholes (for a good picture, click here and scroll down) and generally weird moon-scape of it all. Then P got more goal-oriented and we decided to see how far we could get across the river: well over half-way across it turned out! It felt strange but nice to sit on a warm, low rock in the middle of the James in November. The Carillon rose majestically out of yellow and orange trees, traffic whizzed along on the Nickel Bridge, and we sat and soaked up sun.

I'm hoping the rock-hopping kept my sore muscles limber. We did a little duckpin bowling last night, and all kinds of bowling use muscles I don't usually use!

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