Thursday, January 18, 2007


New: birds on our feeder! Phiance reports sparrows, cardinals, and juncos (the latter on the ground).

New book: Wintersmith, by Terry Pratchett. If you like Douglas Adams, give Pratchett a try.

News at 11: "See why these Girl Scouts are angry" -- or somethin' -- was the teaser. Fox 10:00 news gave us one leader and Senior Girl Scout sharing their reasons for protesting Kittamaqund's pending sale. I'd say there were about 100 of us on Hanover Green Drive protesting that decision as the board of directors met.

Oh -- channel 8 did a nice job: called it Kittamaqund (I think all girls and all their signs said "Kitty"), got a good blurb from a former Council president (dialog needed), included singing, and some good girl quotes.

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cnb said...

So that is where all my cardinals have gone!?! I thought it was something I said....

We had a banner day at our feeder in early January - no less than SEVEN male cardinals at our feeder, on the ground, and in the yard at one time. We wanted to get a picture of it, but didn't want to disturb them either.

Good luck with you feeder!! :-)