Friday, January 26, 2007

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For the Birds

I've been reading a lot about birds in the last two years. So much that I am starting to mix up what I read where. Extinction is a common theme. There was the book on the ivory-billed search, and something about North American parrots (where did I read that?), and now dodos in the January 22 New Yorker. Go here for some bizarre pictures made with model dodos.

I've read about "big listers" in To See Every Bird, and I think again in an article. CNB gave me a nice book of essays on birding that included one by a fellow who found his city's water treatment ponds to be great for birding. Somehow that image sticks more than the plain pieces on birding in Central Park.

And then Phiance got a subscription to National Geographic, so I read about hummingbirds the other day. All of this leads to me not really feeling up to reading Hope is the Thing with Feathers: a Personal Chronicle of Vanished Birds. Oh, maybe that's where the parrots were. I started it, but I feel maxed out on birds, for the moment.


Fringe Element Enthusiast said...

So... when are we birdwatching? You know it's nearly 19 degrees out! ;-)

Lisa said...

Dude, J and I just took a walk in the park -- no outdoor activities until it's at least in the 40s again!

Marky Mark said...

I think dinosaurs evolved into birds.

Lisa said...

MM, good thing, too, 'cause it's way worse to have the former poo on you.