Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shiny Things


cnb said...

Sweet cracker sandwich! Don't they look all pretty! Man, ya'll are ahead of us. We ain't got no rings yet.

Lisa said...

Ahh, competitive, are we? ;)

We're doing it all backwards, you know. We picked a date based on honeymoon spot dates open. And S. had that huge sale, and it was such a nice day for walk. . .I didn't know until I read it on some website that buying rings is supposed to happen, like, three months out from the wedding.

cnb said...

tppAs far as I'm concerned all of this wedding stuff is bollocks until you get to the flowers. I just keep telling the florist, I don't care how you do it, bring us MORE FLOWERS!!

But seriously, picking out flowers has been the most fun part for me. Most of the stuff has been mind numbing minutiae. For example, when you go to do invitations - do you spell out fourth or do you write it as 4th? What font do you want that in, and what size? Would you like a motif design to accent the top or bottom of your invitation? And what color ink?

AGHHHH!!! No wonder girls become bridezillas!!

Daniel said...

Bah, it's all about the shiny objects. Shiny good.

Wait, did the robot come from Schwarzchild's too?

Whatever are you doing for stationery without Thalhimers to attend to your needs?