Friday, January 05, 2007

At the Public Library

S came into the workroom from shelving yesterday with two items in her hand: the Sport Illustrated "swimsuit issue" and the cover of a book on writing grant proposals. Both had been stashed in the 900s, to cover the crime of stealing the text of the latter, I guess. (It goes without saying, that if you want the one, you need the other. . . .)

Question for Discussion
Which is more rude to others: hiding a back issue of a magazine -- so no one else can check it out -- or pinching dated (I think the copyright was 1999) information on begging for money?


Josh said...

I think the first one is rude, I'll agree with you there. The second one is just kinda ironic.

And not ironic in an Alanis Morissette way. I mean c'mon Alanis, half of the examples in that song weren't irony, they were just bummers.

Lisa said...

Re Alanis: that song is on our local "play anything" station about every third time I tune into it. "No, honey, it's not ironic, just a bummer -- or a drag, maybe," I tell her. It doesn't help.