Friday, January 19, 2007

Well, shoot, I annoyed one patron in the first half-hour we were open. The day's first patron (outside of two or three self-sufficient frequent fliers) called to cancel out of two computer classes. "Thanks, we can offer those spots to someone on the waiting list."

The second person marched up to the desk and asked if I had coffee ready for him.

- Ummm, no.

I don't really know what you do here, but I need some information.

- Okay, I'll see if I can help.

Then he launched into the words "Federal Reserve Note" on his [our] money. What does the word "note" mean? Don't get distracted! Do you know the fed is a private business, not the government??

- Ummmm, no. I scanned while he asked if this is what we do -- find people answers. Well, we try to point people in the right direction on their research.

I signed him onto a public PC and pointed out what looked to me like the fed's definition of a Note.

No, no, "obligation" doesn't tell me anything! I've been looking online for a year! I called Richmond, I called Washington.

- Okay, let me help this other patron, then we'll see if I can find you a book. Sadly, as I gave the other man a visitor card, the first fellow slunk out.

Yeah, sadly, that's it.

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