Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Five Things

Wowwee! Tagged by The Vampire Librarian for a meme. Five things that blog readers don't know about me:

1. In elementary school, it really annoyed me that the school librarians kept the Narnia books in alpha order by title, and I'd make a point of putting them in the Correct numerical order whenever I could.

2. I went to library school wanting to get back into the history museums and archives field.

3. It was my reference class (burdened though it was by a cumbersome name like Information Sources and Services) that make me see that public libraries would be cool, too.

4. Capital City is a minor league town, in so many ways. (This is not the part you don't know.) One of the things I like about that is that it gives a kinda average kid like me a chance to be if not a big fish in a small pond, certainly a medium-sized one. When I go to big events, I enjoy playing the How-many-people-will-I see-that-I-know Game.

5. I really, really wanted to name my blog Floor Pie, but someone took that name and has never posted. How long does it take Blogger to reclaim names, I wonder?

Okay, now the hard part. My friends who blog seldom pick up memes -- I bet they've been shredding my chain letters, too! No wonder I never got that five dollars.

Turning to people I don't actually know, it doesn't look like Librarian Girl has played yet. But after that, I'll follow the lead of Happyvillian and say, If you'd like to play, consider yourself tagged, and do comment to let us know.


Vampire Librarian said...

Ack, have you noticed with the new Narnia boxed sets, they changed the order? I think now it's chronological order instead of publication order. I HATE THAT.

Thanks for playing!

Lisa said...

Oh, I know about the renumbering, because mine is a smallish library with a combined kid-grown up ref desk, so I often have to start abusurd Reference Interviews with 8 year olds about what they mean by "do we have the first Narnia book"? We have a couple of copies of each, some numbered with Magician's Nephew as #1, others with L,W,W as #1.