Thursday, March 17, 2005

Stupid Blogger ate what I wrote this morning about attending the event at the Children's Museum at which Tim Kaine formally announced that he's running for governor. To recap: I went with T; the Silver Fox found us despite a huge crowd. A number of rich people butted in front of me. The band was good. Former Governor Linwood Holton, still a Republican (and Tim's father-in-law), said some nice things about making choices. We heard the predictable rhetoric about values, leadership, bipartisan work, creating jobs, etc.

Snow. Again we had a downpour of ineffectual snowflakes this afternoon.


Carrie B. said...

Although I no longer live in Richmond it is nice to peek in the Washington Post and see articles about future (wishful thinking??) Governor Tim Kaine. I do question why Virginia has not reconsidered its "1-term, and yer out" policy for its state leader. I would think that its difficult to affect change when you only have 4 years to accomplish your goals, plans, etc. On that same note, ALA NEEDS to changes its 1 year presidential policy. Its ineffective, and creates a revolving door of leadership which I think looks poorly on the organization. So, ha! Talk about a stream of conscious posting!

Lisa said...

Yeah, what is up with ALA's presidency changing that fast??

I'm too lazy to research it; just trust me that Va. keeps looking into fixing our term limit.