Monday, March 28, 2005

I'm No Teresa R.

... but I am running into lots of people I know while working at North Park! So far, Girl scout folks are in the lead:

GS Council staff members (former and current): 3
Public school staff members I met while subbing: 2
Kids who admit having had me as a substitute teacher: 2
Friend from The Friends of RPL: 1

In not-really-related Girl Scout news: some Kitty girls visited this weekend. "Girls"! Ha. They've all become fine young women: a soon-to-be teacher (and, I predict, administrator one day), a PE teacher at a boarding school, a researcher at the Medical College of Va., and an inspector of B-52s for the Air Force. Pretty cool. In addition, someone mentioned that Kitty girls who learned to play rugby at Kittamaqund have started a rubgy club at a local high school! Way to show leadership. Quotable: "I guess Air Force command just doesn't do pansies."

Speaking of the Friends of RPL, the book sale is this weekend. You know you need more books.

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