Thursday, September 09, 2004

What I Threw Away, Part 2

Since the folks plan to sell the "ancestral" home, I went by yesterday to wrap my doll house for removal to a friend's house, for her daughter. It occurred to me that one tiny item conspicuously absent was a glass jar that held the tiny paper twists of peppermint that Mom and I found floating about the house.

When I got back to my house, I had the brainstorm that the jar might be in the faux printers' box I have had since c. 1978, and that I actually hung up in homes of my own. I pulled out the box where I knew I had stashed it -- an immediately wished I hadn't. Bugs had gotten in, munched what they found tasty, and either molted or died, leaving finger nail clipping-sized shells everywhere. Ick. (The last items, below, were other keepsakes in that storage box) I threw away:

  • A mini teddy bear that lived in my doll house
  • Three of those tiny clip-on stuffed animals popular in the late 70s
  • A seal made by Alaskan Natives with real fur
  • The nylon dress worn my a much older china-headed doll
  • An apple head doll I made in Girl Scouts, c. 1976
  • A Richmond News Leader article (3/16/78) announcing the departure of Star Wars from the Ridge and Chesterfield Mall "cinema complexes." The 38 week run at the Ridge was the second-longest stay of a movie in Capital City, with The Sound of Music having chalked up 87 weeks (!) at Willow Lawn.
  • A Richmond News Leader (10/30/82) article headlined "M*A*S*H is bowing out with class"; "'...we've exhausted the story lines" writer-producer-director Burt Metcalfe said -- "jumped the shark" having yet to be coined.
  • A Richmond News Leader photo (3/25/78) of the truck moving Hoppy Hobson's house back from the edge of Robious Rd. so they could build those two colonial revival houses, just after the road to Robious Elementary and Middle Schools (now known as "Polo Parkway")
  • One pair of blue Chris Craft sneakers (c. 1983, but worn last time I went sailing with SS!)

So today I am going to Target, KMart, etc., in search of plastic storage boxes. I hope that they aren't sold out across the region, like dehumidifiers and generators.

On the way to Midlothian yesterday, I drove across the Huguenot Bridge, but couldn't see why the north-bound lane has been closed. On Cary Street Rd., that overhang just after the country club had suffered another landslide.

Frances brought ("probable") tornadoes and more flooding to central Virginia. My basement seems to have taken in a tiny stream of water, trickling to the drain. I think there are more damp spots on the upstairs ceilings. The roof man is due back today.

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