Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Banned Books Week
Carrie, now a high school librarian, called yesterday and left a message about how excited she was to have just installed a Banned Books Week display. Way to go!

I Used the Internet. So What?
I've been volunteering at a local library, trying to get the Experience two potential employers suggested I lack. Twice today, as someone else was about to send patrons away empty-handed, I slipped over and said, I think we can find something online. Yahoo, for instance, has a nice directory of printable tax forms; and what's wrong with helping a 60-something man use Map Quest, if we're not busy?

Also cool:
Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam

Capital City weather: rain


Anonymous said...

What experience, specifically, did they say you lacked?

Lisa said...

One insider said I didn't have any public library experience, just all that archive stuff. At another interview, the very specific questions suggested to me that they had an insider they wanted: even if I answered every other question as well, I couldn't answer "What's your favorite reference source used in a community college setting?"

Anonymous said...

That's annoying -- especially when you do have experience in certain areas, even if it's not what they want.

I'm in the midst of doing my section's budget for submission -- a little scary that I'm even allowed to touch a 6 figure budget. (Admittedly, the dept. head and rest of the organization will do what they want, but still I have to plug numbers in and reallocate funds, etc.)

Where is Carrie?