Wednesday, September 29, 2004

  • About a bill to allow you to direct your tax money away from the military: Peace Tax Fund.
  • A newspaper we got at the museum opening last week: Native Voice
  • The Washington Post's Travel Toolbox pulls together travel sites the paper's travel writers recommend.

    At R Middle School
    The vice-principal who does morning announcements told the students that they are not infants and do not need pacifiers: if pacifiers come to school, they go "straight in the trash." At lunch, one teacher linked the behavior to drug addiction and a sucking "reflex." I wasn't clear if she meant the kids want to emulate addicts or that she thinks they are addicts.

    Anonymous said...

    I think the pacifier fad cycles....when I was in high school (graduated 1992) in NYC, some girls were into wearing pacifiers around school. One friend even had a silver one.

    We also had a nursery for the children of the students.


    Lisa said...

    Yeah, A., some folks e-mailed messages on the variation of the theme "it's part of the whole 'baby' and 'l'il' fad." I started to write about the thumb-sucking and blankets, too, and then started to get bogged down in the thought, Maybe sometimes a security blanket is just a security blanket. Maybe that one's life is tough and something soft in his backpack will make him feel better.