Monday, September 27, 2004

In Contrast
. . . to the last camp training, this past weekend I found myself asking Why the hell am I here again? I didn't volunteer the first couple of times they asked for trainers because I just don't like that other camp. It's inconvenient for Girl Scout camping, and we haven't modified it in the 8 or so years we have owned it. For me, it is full of unhappy, stress-filled memories. I don't see faces smiling in the sun; I don't hear the chat of teens maturing over the summer weeks; it's not especially pretty. In short, when I quit That Job, I swore I would never set foot in it again. In the end, of course, those few extra-nice students in the basic outdoor training class made it a fine experience.

Why Ask Why(from grade 8 civics, at RMS)
  • Why is girl 1 holding her tiny purse under her arm for the whole block?
  • Why is girl 2 holding her (pink, to match her sneakers) backpack on her lap for the whole block?
  • Why is that boy allowed to wear Confederate flag-decorated shirts to school?(This is the second time I have seen him thus attired.)
  • Why does girl 3 have a pacifier in her mouth for the second day in a row?

    In halls at RMS: "[Student] to Room 40 [teacher] to write 50 times 'I will not throw objects at others.' [signed]"

    Capital City weather: warm and rainy
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