Friday, September 10, 2004

Thanks to "Silver Fox" for drawing the city's current bulk trash pick up schedule to my attention. It's a good thing to know if, say, you lost many things stored in your basement. One of the cool things at her house unharmed by late unpleasantness: a bulletin board in the guest bathroom for posting odd newspaper clippings (the wedding for which the bride wore fairy wings, e.g.) and similar treasures.

Speaking of bathrooms, did I mention that the bathroom mirror fell down? It didn't break; it didn't break the sink or faucet. I turns out that it is an old dresser mirror (about 12 pounds) painted silver. Pleasants Hardware had a really cool anchor. You slide the metal bar into the hole with a long plastic stem, then adjust it so it lays flat against the back of the wall. I know it will be fine -- and yet, I do tend to fret. Also shopping at Pleasants this morning: VCU facilities staff; an old couple; the usual crowd of middle-aged men, some contractors, some do-it-yourselfers.

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