Friday, September 24, 2004

Ugh. I have a cold. I have been pretending I don't, but I do. I taught yesterday under the influence of generic cold medicine. I had good kids at R Middle School and a planning period free to go discover an acquaintance from RPL newly positioned in the library. She and her assistant (co-librarian?) are cool, energetic, young -- I think they will do really well with the students. I did some shelving for them and listened to their ideas of how they'd like to shift the collection. I admired "their" c1974 framed illustrations of scenes from Tolkien. The pictures break up the shelving: big sections are shelf-less to sort of shadow-box them. One such shadow box facilitated, in the previous librarian's mind, the breaking up of the 900s with biographies. That's the sort of thing they want to change.

Back home, I found that a broken answering machine was preventing me from getting calls. I called in repeatedly to subfinder, turned down special ed at an elementary school, and find myself out of work for the day. Unless someone calls in sick late. Staying home is probably best for my cold, but bad for my budget.

CB writes, "There were a number of Native Americans [or "Indians", or whatever term works best for you] who fought for the CSA. I believe the conventional wisdom is that they believed they had a better chance of retaining their identity/sovereignty/etc. by allying themselves with the States'-rights-obsessed Confederacy than by staying neutral or aiding the US. The MoC has at least one regimental flag, the "Cherokee Rifles" I believe."

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