Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What Was the Deal ...

... with the 60-something white lady wanting help using the self-check machine to get a stack of Zane books?
... with the grouchy tone of the lady who said, "It say I gotta pay for my prints?"
... with that caller? Being in the midst of some customer-centered thinking here at our place recently, I've been trying to remember to speak slowly yet cheerfully when I answer the phone. Boy was I surprised be her blurting out, "You ever heard of a reverse phone directory?"
... with my usually sharp retired patron thinking that Golf Digest tricked him by having a different cover from ours -- only we get Golf Magazine, so that's why the covers are different.

On the road later on, to hear Andrew Pace at CUA.


Daniel said...

The lady checking out the Zane books... freakshow. My kids...that is, my students...LOVE Zane. Unfortunately, they can't draw the line between fiction and nonfiction. They truly believe that Zane's characters and stories are, in fact, real, because unlike many fictional characters, they seem real within the parameters of their world. Jay Gatsby may seem real to me, but I know that he isn't; Taquisha may seem real to my students, but they don't know that she isn't.
I'll bet the lady was a teacher trying to figure out just what the hell it is that her students are talking about.

Lisa said...

I like the teacher theory. Personally, one page of a Zane book and about one-third of a book by Nikki Turner were enough to see what those kids are up to with these books.