Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Information Wants to Be Free

I found this grade school notebook while cleaning. Click on picture to make it bigger and readable.

So many questions arise: Did I come up with that brilliant explanation of library rights, or were we copying sentences? What was sentence two going to say? And then there's the rest of the notebook: a few pages along, under the heading "Two Cities I Have Been To" is the useful information "The city I was born in is Philladelpha Penncilvarny." Then a new paragraph, "My brother was born in the city of Richmond. We have been in Richmond a lot. My father works at a hospital there."


cnb said...

Ok... Pencilvarny is just funny. I have to send that to my friend in Pittsburgh.

I like that you can check out records. I remember doing that, back in the day. I believe that is where I got my copy (!!!!) of "She's So Unusual" by Cyndi Lauper.

Lisa said...

That's an unusual library system that circulates Cyndi Lauper.

Daniel said...

a) One should always be able to spell the state of one's birth. I'm probably lucky; Carolina is somewhat more phonetically simple than Pennsylvania. OTOH, I've also heard that state called "das Pennsilvanienraum," so... go figure.
b) Records? Feh. The Enoch Pratt actually has a circulating library of art. You can actually check out framed pictures.

Daniel said...

Oh, wait. One more thing: I have just lost faith in the educational system of the Chesterfield County. "Two Cities I have Been To?" Really now. One never ends a sentence with a preposition. Correctly, this should be "Two Cities to which I Have Been," or more conveniently, "Two Cities that I Have Visited."
I will now climb down from my soapbox.

Lisa said...

Dan, do I get bonus points for writing in cursive in grade school, though? A skill modern kids don't seem to be taught at all?