Sunday, April 13, 2008

Additional yard birds: goldfinch, white-throated sparrow

New restaurant: Popkin Furniture has become a hip-ish drinking-dining establishment with pool tables, games, lounge chairs, and dining tables on several levels. I liked the old photos on the walls, including portraits of former businesses -- and their owners -- at that address. Sears-Roebuck and a Mr. Rountree (still a business name in town) are two I recall. Furniture ads and broken up furniture bits (a cabriole leg, in a picture frame; chairs nailed to the wall) completed the decor.

Us 70s kids knew Popkin Furniture for its dopey commercials about being in the "big ugly yellow building" ... on West Broad? I had a surprisingly good grilled chicken sandwich.

Item from Historic Richmond.
"He owns the building" commercial. (A tag line I forgot I knew!)
Blurb from the renovation architects.
Brick's reviewer opens with my same reaction: maybe I should have dressed nicer?

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