Tuesday, April 08, 2008


"An informal collaborative of audio historians, recording engineers, sound archivists, scientists, other individuals, and organizations who aim to make mankind's earliest sound recordings available to all people for all time": FirstSounds.

A clothes lending library (thanks MarkyMark): an awesome resource for the needy. I've participated in a professional clothes drive through a social services agency, though I think the customers bought and kept the items. After all, if the suit helps you land the job, you still need something to wear until those first paychecks allow you to shop. Of course, I suppose the terms of the loan could easily take that into account.

Bird banding station at First Landing State Park: click here, look for link "CVWO blog," at left.

Last night on DVD: Murder on the Links (David Suchet as Poirot).

In the garden: Lots of rain. The grape hyacinth are nearly done; day lilies and bleeding heart blooming. Hosta, lenten rose, and solomon's seal all sending up fresh leaves.

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