Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Where We've Been

In Baltimore, we went to a New Year's party at Dan's house and met a neon sign collector. We also poked around Inner Harbor (below), and visited the American Visionary Art Museum (below) -- where we saw the whirlygig (above) on a glorious, windy, chilly morning.


Fringe Element Enthusiast said...

That place was great! Fantastic outsider art and the whirlygig...great windy day for it!


SpunkyP said...

That whirlygig HAD to be created by Vollis Simpson--he lives in Lucama, NC, near Wilmington. You have to drive practically into the swamp to get to his place, which is a sprawling yard absolutely crammed with sky high whirlygigs! He hangs out in his barn, which is crammed full of smaller metal art made of spraypainted spare parts. If he likes you, you get to take a look around. If he thinks you're up to no good, your car gets a volley from his shotgun before you even get out! Here's a website about Vollis:

Lisa said...

A+ in art history, Spunky P.!