Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

I am solo for the first 3 hours today. A la Ref Grunt, a list:

I can give a little help on the scanner. . . .

Her son's new library card wouldn't log on; got it fixed at circ.

Re-booted scanner PC 'cause it wasn't right.

Brought an extra chair to the 20-something sitting in the lounge chair several feet from his buddy and talking pretty loud: "Why don't y'all sit closer so you don't have to be so loud." (I see they put the extra chair back. Thanks, fellas!)

City directory.

Scanner-user asks a question I can't answer. I stand next to her until she says, "Oh, here it is." I walk away.

Gentleman, a little unhappy about a "claims return" incident, bristles when I try to send him over to circ, so I sort out the first third of it myself, get an answer from circ head, and then walk him back to circ to finish it up.

Yeah, your friend really does need to sign up for computer classes with her own card, on January 2. Please, take a schedule with you.

Circ staffer has stepped into the back. Man knocks on circ desk to get her attention. It didn't work. I walk over and check his books out on the self-check machine.

Place a hold for a book . . . but she's going out of town, so she wants it next Wednesday.

Gave directions to Powhatan to a man too old to be driving on his own. :-( He didn't really have an end address.

No our PCs are not full; only 4 out of 27 are in use. Take a seat at any PC that says "Welcome."

Please talk on your phone outside.


Josh said...

This feels like the beginning of the one woman off-Broadway show "Librarian! How One Woman Referenced the World!"

Lisa said...

Maybe a one-woman show, but there needs to be a chorus (the Shakespearian kind) muttering: bathroom? computers? what's-my-pin?