Wednesday, January 30, 2008

23 Things

Letter James is on of those sites that lets you make picture e-cards with you own message in the image. Calendars and whatnot available, too, but you need to pay in pounds. . . .

The theme for this Thing is "generators." (How are they different from mashups? Oh, maybe because they are built from scratch.) The item going around at work this week, Slogan Generator -- another British site, I note -- fits this category. P started it, with the challenge to use your name. I got "New Thinking. New Lisa." A blog full of generators, here.

It's cool stuff, but it's not making me feel in touch with my patrons. When I notice what patrons here are up to, it's not this sort of thing. I see: poker games, social networking, tons of simple cartoony games, e-mail, and job applications. We're still pretty Web 1.0 at my Lib.


Marky Mark said...

We are Web .5 at our joint.

I often wonder if I got a job with the Employment Office would I be helping folks find books?


I'm glad to hear its not just me.

Lisa said...

Web .5, eh? I guess I can't accuse you of one-ups-manship, can I?