Saturday, January 26, 2008

Quite a Day, Here!

The public PCs were dead at 9:25, when I walked onto the floor (10:00 opening time today).

The PCs came back up by opening time. Good thing, because Porn Peeper was one of the first in the door.

When I sweetly told Icky Patron 1 to talk on her phone outside, she told me it was a radio, not a phone. (Well then quit talking to yourself so loudly!)

Some glitches printing to his nice paper.

"This computer went off by itself."

Yes PCs are filtered for minors. Yes, even something on YouTube could be filtered.

War and Peace for a kid who might be a middle schooler, but looked 10.

No, no Bionicles books available.

Next in the "people are still into that??" file: More books in Fear Street series.

Nice Grad Students had me running my feet off. But, they were nice. They even apologized for leaving the light on in the study room they had just vacated.

Yes the computers are full. The computers are full. No, there aren't any PCs right now.

Two people needed Angela Bassett's book and I could not find our copy: it was hiding on a display!

Nice Tutor wanted to know the name of the current release of Windows -- "Vista, right?" I double checked. Yes indeed. "Good, I need to update this joke before I pass it on: it has Windows95 in it."

And now, Coworker earnestly is telling me what smells like an urban legend about the origin of the word s---. But she says she got it from a good source.

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