Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Then We Came to the Clever Title References

Our OPAC has a "May We Suggest" feature: staff write quick blurbs for books, which then are buried deep in the "catalog record" tab. For Then We Came to the End, I wrote, "With breath-taking skill, Ferris captures late-1990s work-a-day life in a big company: its humorous quirks and its personal intensities. If you like watching 'The Office,' give it a try!" -- which is better than I remember writing, and certainly stronger than my first blog thoughts.

Yesterday, I read the New Yorker's blurb, and today the New York Times' review of Ferris's book. (R at work thought the Times was a bit snooty about it.) I've also started to poke around online: this site is cool for bringing together info on authors. This little obsession is about two things. I'm wondering about reviewing: can I or can't I? Do I just need practice? Or do I not have the right education and experience to note, "Still, Ferris's novel is not the satire you might expect. From 'The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit' to 'Dilbert' the defualt position for American stories about advertsing . . . has been derision." (Times) The second thing I want neatly answered is, How does one know when a book -- oh. That's just cool hunting. The buzz goes back months, in things I do not read. I first read about Then in our book vendor's catalog, and frankly, the cover design was nearly as influential as the description. Still, my Lib was one of the first three or so in the system to have it, so there.

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