Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Smithers, I Owe You a Coke

Step-daughter-to-be once asked why I take my laundry to the drop-off place on Robison, not the one on Cary St. I dunno, because who wants to fight with Carytown traffic? This morning when I dropped off my laundry, there was a traffic showdown of folks trying to park and dash into that new Starbucks, in the old Fan Market. But now I can't think of switching, because we've noted that the laundry at the end of Carytown has closed. Phiance and I walked by it the other night and took bets on whether it would be a Starbucks -- or something even more unbearably trendy? Turns out, it'll be a Ben & Jerry's.

Capital City weather: smells like snow
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