Friday, March 02, 2007

Not Yet a Closed Case

1. The "customer" who has been taking the signs that say "Stand Up Use Only" off that one PC has been sticking them to the underside of the table on which the PC sits with a wad of gum (Bubble Yum, perhaps?). I am thrilled to discover this! They aren't being accidentally knocked down by the cleaning lady! To the man seated there yesterday, I said "I'm sorry, someone keeps taking my sign. This computer is for stand up use only." Can I add to that, "Please let me get to the underside of the stand and retrieve it?" Can I sniff the breath of every patron standing there for signs of sweet bubble gum??

2. When a patron's complaint that the Sports section of USA Today "is always missing" proved to be quite true, we started tagging (RFID chips on items not checked off set off an alarm) that section. No one has walked near the door with one since we started. We continue to pursue all leads.

Capital City weather: sunny, mid 60s

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