Friday, March 09, 2007

Found at Library

Scrap of paper by PC:

Eternal tears of sorrow

B. Impatient

Sticky note:

Love & Hate in Jamestown

Year of Wonders

lip shiny stuff
hair straightener


Anonymous said...

ummmm... I know from Love & Hate in Jamestown... I think a couple of them are bands... eh?


Lisa said...

I liked the items on the sticky note the best: two grown-up book titles and then the personal items, of which only one ("skirt") seems to have a proper name. She couldn't remember the words "lip gloss" and wrote "lip shiny stuff"?!

cnb said...

Back in the days of Hollins singletude, we used to call it "puttin' on yer sparkle", as in, "Hey, are you wearin' sparkle?" I thought the event was casual!"

Lisa said...

So do I have to wear sparkle to your wedding, CNB?