Saturday, March 03, 2007

Short Stories

All of the Information Desk staff, except for the branch manager, were gathered at said desk the other day. Some of us were sorting out an event for August, and some of us were helping patrons. An odd thing is that the number doing each task at any given moment was in flux for the entire 20 or so minutes. I stopped mid-sentence when I heard a cell phone ring. - Ha! That's "Singin' in the Rain"! I pretended to dance a bit. No one was much impressed: by the Name that Tune or the fake-y dancing.

Late in the day on Friday, I helped a trio coming out of the children's area who appeared to be grandmother-mom-kid. "Do we check out books here?" Because the Info Desk spans Children's and Adult, it looks like maybe they should.

I said what I usually do: "I can help you with the self-check (pointing a la flight attendant), or you can go over there to the circulation desk." They moved towards the self-check, so I followed and quickly coached the granny through checking out the two books -- stacked up.

"How can that be?" asked the mom.

"It's these little chips," I said, simplifying a bit. She said something along the lines of Whattaya know.

As we parted ways, I heard grandmother say in a hushed tone, "The libraries downhome don't have one of those!"

Capital City weather: windy, 60s, sunny
In the garden: one daffodil bloomed about 10 days ago; some are set to bloom weeks from now. The lenten roses are setting new leaves and blooms: that cold snap really beat them back.


sheree said...

I'd kill to have seen your Singing in the Rain dance, not to mention the excitement on your face when you recognized the tune.

Thanks for a great image! 8)

Daniel said...

Remind me to bring along a record of "Singin' in the Rain" on my next trip, which is threatening to be this weekend. (He he. Start guessing as to the nature of your wedding present.)

Actually, the libraries down home in Baltimore don't have self-check either. Go Henrico!