Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Reading Drags On

After reading (and logging online) ten titles, little kids get to pick a free book from a collection of shiny paperbacks. Each kid -- or his or her parent -- takes the choice as seriously as making a supreme court decision. They hover underfoot for an age, oblivious to gentle cues to just take something and move along!

Today I fielded the first, "but don't the teens get something??" Yeah, a chance to win an MP3 player. (They hadn't been impressed, after all, with rub-on tattoos or the oh-so-passe gel bracelets of years gone by.)

I've reprinted the stack of Take One reading lists only once -- for the middle school grades.


SpunkyP said...

Okay, you got me. How are otters associated with the peaks?


Lisa said...

Yeah, I know.

It's one of those "no one's real sure but..." Two rivers in the area (originate there?) are, like, the Little Otter and the Big Otter River. Apparently river otters were known in Va. years ago -- but likely at the mouths of these rivers. So I guess it's Those Peaks Where the Otter Rivers Come Together.

Or something.