Monday, July 07, 2008

Flip Flops

WDL: "Don't wear them to dressy restaurants. They are not dressy." (7/6/08)

Phusband: "Flip-flops as regular footwear are, like reality television and rude cell-phone habits, signs of the decline of western civilization." (11/30/05)

Cotton Dick Clinton: "Flip Flops and Mutton Chops" is the first song on the list, here. (It's really hard to date CDC songs...)

Capital City weather: rainy and 80s. Which really isn't flip flop weather, people! Put on real shoes and keep your feet dry and warm.

Recently Read: Twilight, Stephenie Meyer. Bella wears boots, sneakers, and that one high heel to the prom. I don't recall any floppin around.


cnb said...

Why do designers insist on putting sequins or spangles on flip flops? Do they really believe that a few sparkles changes the informal nature of the shoe.

Are you coming to the 40th b-day soiree for our fellow CUA graduate?

Lisa said...

CNB, I'll be out of town celebrating turning 42 on the weekend Jess picked. :-(

Happy First Anniversary, btw!