Monday, July 14, 2008

Busy Monday on the Desk

Information on the Free-Soil Party

Do we have more science fiction than what's in that paperback rack?

A dozen summer reading club sign ups

Study room

Little kids wanting to collect the free paperback they get after reading 10

GED books

I dissuaded a mom from getting Chris Lynch's Inexcusable. It's highly regarded, I said, but you should know about the subject matter before you get it for your 14-old-daughter.

A zillion students wanting something from their school reading list

Directions to a library in the county just north of us

Kid I like a lot wants to do the teen Treasure Hunt (follow clues around lib, win a prize). She's too young, but I say Sure (because I like her). She needs help on almost every step. . . .

Her older brother complains that they prizes are "too kiddie."

Study room

Books on business plans

Something on nepotism

A new book with vampires, but she doesn't think its S. Meyer or Laurell K. Hamilton

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cnb said...

I read the Chris Lynch book. I wanted it to be better. Not sure how to explain it any more than "better".