Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Is It Just Me?

Because we all have those moments of imagining we are some kind of conspiracy victims -- that amazon or yahoo! or twitter is working for everyone else except us -- a computer whiz has developed a little website that lets you go check. Read about it in the NYTimes.

Library patrons often don't believe us when we say, "It looks like that error message means all of Yahoo! is down right now." It's all about "your computer won't let me read my e-mail/buy books/whatever" and "what do you mean a website doesn't always work??" So, I passed this link to lib colleagues so that when patrons are really suspicious, or annoyed, or confused, we can use this site to research it further. I got various thanks and accolades -- and I tried to act like I diligently keep up with the Times, but of course, I was just clicking around various diverting blogs and read about it on berg with fries.

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