Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sick Daze

What I did while I was home sick (not pictured: coughing fits, tea-slurping, staring into space):

Did a jigsaw puzzle.

Finished wedding album.

Read: Kiki's Delivery Service, Uglies, Specials, a Style article on 1920s Hollywood stars with Richmond connections.

I did not go to the WRIR birthday bash, so I missed Phil's MC'ing antics, and I missed Ceci being recognized as Volunteer of the Year.

I popped some pills and chewed cough drops so I could enjoy Ira Glass at UR yesterday. I love the feeling of any kind of live show, the feeling that you're in the room with that famous voice. He treated the "talk" much like the road show of This American Life a couple of us went to in DC five years ago. Ira sat at a table with two CD players and a mixing board, and he told stories about stories; stories about putting stories together for radio. He stitched it together with music. And his trademark pauses. I loved it. I love that kind of thing.

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