Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Did I mention that StepTeen needs glasses? I took her for a check up and the nurse spun her around in the middle of the hall to face an eye chart, and, in a terse, end-of-the day voice said, Cover right eye. Read line eight.


The poor kid hadn't been for a regular check up in so long, and the hall of this former-house-turned-medical office took a dogleg, and was full of stuff, so I figured she didn't get what she was being asked, or was wondering where the eye chart was. The nurse recited Seven? Six?? Before she sighed, What can you read?

The kid is super bummed about this. But, at least she's not dull (via Information Junk)! I dig that WPA poster art. At the Library of Congress shop, you can use just "work progress" as a search term to find lots of other items from the same era. You'll also get reprints of WPA photos. I got Greater Knowledge as a Cafe Press t-shirt; it's there as a poster.

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Carrie B. said...

I probably don't need to post this, but you KNOW I love this WPA poster. Totally awesome. I love the pseudo Bauhaus style.