Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Carrie B. said...

How do you answer these fools everyday? Do You explain that you have an MSLS not an MBA?

This posting makes me glad to be a school librarian. I can generally handle the average Beowulf crisis that arises (and there's more than you would think!), but I could probably only grunt and point to the stacks of IRS forms.

Does NP or one of the other Henrico branches offer a tax advice day?

Lisa said...

Some of the area (i.e., big) libs host groups that offer tax help.

As for the foolishness: at the end of a long week (or day) it can be hard to avoid being abrupt. When one is feeling good about the whole librarianship thing, it's nice: wow, patrons think so much of us, they trust us to give tax advice, proofread cover letters, and suggest something to read. Of course, we never do the first, and avoid the heck out of the second. T