Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday Ref

City resident needs image of Sailor Bob. WWBT's page has info., too. I refer her to Val and the TV station. We also talk about old houses and I direct her to the few Richmond coffee table books we have, and recommend the city library system for those.

No cell phones.

Conspiracy Theory Guy #1 tries to menace patron at scanner PC, then menaces scanner itself. Thankfully, a quick on-off gets in back on track.

Couple is surprised Sue Grafton's books are in Mystery; delighted that "B" is available.

Man calls from home: needs directions to get grid lines in an Excel document. I hesitate, then go ahead and tell him how.

American Born Chinese.

Bridge to Terebithia.

Books on palmistry, finance (for different people)

Veggie Tales DVDs.

Lit crit for A Separate Peace.

Need a computer, need a computer

Soul Surfer

Pause to check blogs; love the tip at Libetiquette. Realize I forgot to note that I have pointed out the Family Restroom 15 feet from me only once. A few commenters got off topic onto the subject of the problem of distinguishing printers and photocopier, to which I would like to add:
Her: Why doesn't this copier work?
Me: Because it's a self-checkout machine.

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sheree said...

I'm still laughing at the self-check out machine bit!

And I'm sooo excited that you're gonna be a class officer! Yee-hah!