Friday, March 24, 2006

Quick Links

Edible Books.
(Note to self: Add these to sidebar.)
Yay! Mitch is writing again.
Cornell's birding site.

Reading: The New Yorker on Shaker furniture and art, homelessness, and an odd short story.
Baking: banana bread


LisaBe said...

ho there!
so, speaking of books, are you heading to the bookfest in dc in may?

Anonymous said...

Now reading: "Notes on Virginia"... some article on a school for Indian kids...

Gee, this author has some skill.


Lisa said...

Lis, I don't know bookfest, only the National Book Festival, in the fall.

C, you ol flatterer!

Daniel said...

*note to self: make banana bread and get rid of the rapidly-deteriorating bananas on the kitchen table.