Wednesday, March 08, 2006

From the Reference Desk

The National Archives and Records Administration has posted some great video, including the moon landing (Apollo 11, July 1969). Here is the menu of video.

According to my literary calendar, today is the birthday of one of my favorite authors, John McPhee. I use Oranges as the yardstick by which I measure all other non-fiction writing. I revel in books full of juicy details and richly described real-life characters.

Carl Hiaasen's Hoot comes to the big screen.

Not at the Ref Desk, but on the floor today, I got my first high five from a patron. I just helped him put the date in the correct format so his online job application would go through. The site he was on didn't seem to indicate the required date format, and it just happened that the first thing I suggested worked.

Capital City weather: getting warmer!


Anonymous said...

"Hoot" was also mentioned in my Save the Manatees e-newsletter ("Paddle Tales") StM co-founder Jimmy Buffett also stars in a smallish role (as does Hiaasen hiumself) and supplies original music.

Also from the newsletter: Contact your Senator and make sure he (or she) knows you don't want the Endangered Species Act weakened. There are very bad bills in committee even now, and they need to stay there 'til they die.

LisaBe said...

jen's father-in-law, michael chapman (, is the cinematographer on "hoot." :)