Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Notes from the Reference Desk

The U.S. Postal Service will offer stamps with comic book heroes and comic book covers this summer! Click here for the full list; the description of the comics stamps is most of the way down.

Attention, Library Patrons: We are allowed to make snide little remarks about you, in the back room. Youare NOT to sidle up to the ref desk, wearing too much aftershave, may I say, cock your head so as to indicate the patron at the children's desk, and ask, "Aren't those shorts banned by anti-obscenity laws?" It is a double standard: live with it.

Reference link of the week:

Reading: getting to the end of Stranger in a Strange Land: is the end going to disappoint me? Started this month's book club book, The Stone Diaries.

Capital City weather: cooling down from the 80s we've been enjoying; windy


Anonymous said...

So... these 'shorts'... Have ya got a picture? [leer, wink]

P-Max loves warm weather.

Lisa said...

The shorts were worn by an oldish man; no pictures available.

Anonymous said...

Ewwwww! THAT kind of illegal shorts.... P-Max soooo misinterpreted that. P-Max is going back to his preevious visual conception of the scene.

Daniel said...

I will continue to wear shorts all year long until the hair on my legs goes grey. At that point, I will give up my crown as Cute Li'l Aging Fratboy. However, if I ever make remarks regarding patrons at the childrens' desk, please kill me.

Creepy bit of personal history: When I was a sweet li'l high school kid, I worked for the county library. And yes, then as now, I wore shorts all year 'round. And some old creep, one day, followed me around the stacks as I reshelved books. He kept up a pretense at conversation and finally made an attempt, grab certain parts that were not meant to be grabbed without an invitation. I told him that if he had a house in Guilford, he could grab away but otherwise he'd better haul it or I'd call the cops...

Mercenary little critter, ain't I?