Thursday, January 05, 2006


Many in Capital City mourn the loss of a family of four this weekend. Driving home from Maggi's on Tuesday, I noted a mound of flowers outside World of Mirth. My own sadness stems from empathy. She was My Local Merchant; they were friends-of-friends -- or a layer beyond that; more hip than me, but similar to so many folks I know. Maggi mentions Capote; his In Cold Blood comes to my mind, too. I can't bear to think of the moments before the end, when I remember that book or when I listen to the news.

An odd tangent -- two odd tangents -- come from the media. WCVE ran a locally-produced editorial. The speaker had not only sadness and outrage for the murder, but also for the lack of (small amount of?) national media coverage. His point, as I recall, had to do with the reasonably high-profile nature of the family and the reported brutalness of the crime. I believe he named the Washington Post. I took only a quick skim through the edition of the Post we get at work and found nothing. I'm not sure what that means, if I agree with the editorialist. It's just lingering in my mind.

In less emotional news, Ed Slipek decries Richmond's lack of complaint about having Governor Kaine's inauguration stolen from us by a "theme park." CCDesk readers may recall that Dan made a similar complaint (see comments, here). That both men suggested the Carillon as an alternate locale is, one suspects, a coincidence with no symbolic meaning at all.

On the Muzak at Ukrop's: Madonna, Borderline


Anonymous said...

OK, for all that Colonial Williamsburg is just a wee bit touristy, it's still a far better choice for the Gubernatorial inauguration than a site (say, the Carillon) that's never been the seat of government. Richmond has no one to blame but the guys who scheduled the renovation work at the modern Capitol.

Oh yeah: GoldenPalace Casino!!! Woo Hoo!!! (sorry, I had to)

Georgi said...

I was really shocked to hear the news about Kathryn Harvey's death. I've been shopping at World of Myrth since I was 15 (when I used to buy my spikes at Exile). Kristin and I actually visited there to pick up some cool toys (Rosie the Riveter bobble head and a Freud ball) last time we were in Richmond. It seems unreal to me that anyone could do such a thing. I'm at a loss.