Monday, January 30, 2006

I was one of four YA librarians in our system to purchase this year's Printz Prize book, Looking for Alaska. Here's the author's blog, on winning: JOHN GREEN : SPARKSFLYUP.COM.

In other news, it's very, very quiet here in my house since the fridge broke.

Capital City weather: fog clearing, highs in the 60s.
Spotted at Ellwood Thompson: Happy, the muralist, and Connie, owner of Halcyon


CNB said...

Big props to Lisa and her foresight for YA novels!!

And, btw, where in the heck is all the snow and cold, nasty weather?! I'm afraid my tulips are gonna bloom too early.

Lisa said...

C, we had a thunderstorm last night. That's all I am saying.

No, it's not. I am also saying: my daffodils have about 1 inch of leaf up, already.