Sunday, February 20, 2005


Morning Edition Sunday found yet more people to dis Wikipedia. A school librarian worried about students who don't critique what they read, about them being fooled by people monkeying with the open source encyclopedia. Another expert came on to assert that when people change entries maliciously, writers fix it in minutes if not seconds.

In my limited use and few tests, I have never found it to be off the mark. I hesitated for a long time to look up
Girl Scouts for fear that I would read about "Girl Scouts of America" and other way-out stuff. The entry could have been written by a GSUSA PR staffer: history, program goals, program levels. Oh. The Promise and Law are missing. Well, that's unfortunate. The other unfortunate things was that when I searched "Girl Scouts" I had to go through the "Scouting" entry, look under USA, and choose GSUSA -- leaving the impression that GSUSA is a subset of Boy Scouting. It's not important enough for me to sign on as an editor and change, though!

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