Friday, February 11, 2005

Order Up

I just placed an online order for ye ole cap n gown for May! B, C, and I plan to take part in the pomp and circumstance (hmm, time to start saving spare change for a champagne fund). I skipped the keepsakes, note cards, and seals this time around. Caps are apparently "one size fits all" these days; no cumbersome measurements. As for my gown, my best choice was to tell them I am "200 pounds or less."

At school

Today, I listened to "Drumline" three times. (I read Stephen Fry's Hippopotamus, rather than watch.) Thankfully, a pep rally cut the third viewing short. The person reading the announcements said teachers were to sit with the students. I had a dozen girls in a chorus class -- how bad could it be? Dutifully, I said, You girls don't leave without me, I'm just going to the bathroom. They waited until I was coming in the door to tear out. Since I had been reading rather than interacting with them, I couldn't pick a one out of a line up. And just yesterday a regular teacher complimented my classroom management skills!


Anonymous said...

Where do we make Champagne contributions, send extravagant gifts and the like?

Georgi said...

Ditto to the same message above - would also like to know when the "big day" is! =) CONGRATS, again! You're amazing!

Lisa said...

Oh, please, don't be silly: I don't need gifts and whatnot. Getting through the comprehensive exam in July was the big landmark, and my diploma arrive in the mail in October. Being in a ceremony so much later is just a little something a few of us wanted to do.

Anonymous said...

How about a bottle of Chateau Pricee '04... which you may open when you get a 'real' library job?