Monday, January 31, 2005

From AlterNet, an article called The Idea That Brought Slavery to Its Knees: "In the idea that those who suffer 'no grievance or injury' have the obligation to speak up for those who have suffered them lies the birth of the vision that human rights are universal." The setting of this historic moment?: 1787, London. Thanks to T for drawing it to my attention.

Today in French class at M Middle School, the students watched "La Petite Sirene," which, of course, is le "28e chef d'oevre d'animation de Disney" and features the beloved song "Sous l'ocean."

While the kids watched that, I read yet another YA novel (part of my campaign to make up for not having taken a course in it in library school). In an hour, I can read about 80 pages of a kid book. The book in question, Surviving the Applewhites, features an artsy family, their home-schooled kids, a self-identifying Bad Kid from the City with pink spiked hair, and a show that - yes - gets put on in the barn. I enjoyed it.

Math and Science
During study hall, for the first time in a long time, students asked if I could help them with homework. Alas. something on charting and graphing eluded me, even when I studied the example. I took one glance at the pre-chemistry business of balancing formulas and my brain clicked off in denial: No, I never could understand that.

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