Friday, January 21, 2005

Another Snow Day
A picture of last night. I don't think we got more than two inches of snow. I know I got two SubFinder calls before I could get online for official snow closings and be sure I don't really have to/get to work.

I got some stuff done yesterday; today I could go up Route 1 to the Bank of Essex and the mall. I also see the value of going to Belmont library to volunteer: I am not earning money; might as well earn experience. Or, I could stay home with a book, or rent a movie (The New Yorker piece on Miyazaki put his stuff high on my list).


Anonymous said...

the video store is sure to have my neighbor tortoro (sp?) on video....
Perfect for a snow day!

Anonymous said...

Greta just blogged about that very same NYer article today! I can lend you one of the films, on VHS; the title escapes me right now (need caffeine)~ Maggi