Sunday, March 16, 2003

The weather turned cold; I caught a cold. The latter, of course, was not caused by the former but by the kindergartners sneezing on me on Tuesday.

Since I have an interview on Monday, I tried to rest and stay in all weekend. Luckily, I had three weeks' worth of New Yorkers on hand. When the name Brian Urquhart tunred up twice in one issue, and given that Mitch recently noted that a road near her bears that last name, I knew I had to do some research.

We call our family antiques bizz Urquhart's Place, for a long-defunct restaurant and/or county store on the way to the beach. You'll find us in a modest case at the West End Antiques Mall (Staples Mill at Broad Street). We've got some nice red Hall pieces and a set of shiny kitchen cannisters, right now. . . .

The surname Urquhart is Scottish; and indeed you'll find it attached to a Castle on Loch Ness. Sir Brian Urquhart served as Under-Secretary-General of the UN from 1974 to 1986. Other people who rate high on a Google search are lawyers, a poet, a teacher, and professors. I found eleven Urquharts in the Richmond phone book, and one Urquheart.

I wonder how I can quantify a wordy coincidence into numbers to play the lottery?

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