Sunday, March 02, 2003

Capital City weather: 50-something and a good bit of sun. At the Byrd: Harry Potter and Bowling for Columbine

I did some antiquing today. I saw a scruffy penguin ice bucket for 15; a Philco radio integrated into a streamlined end table (overstripped & refinnished) for 125, I think; and lots of examples of dishes like those I'm trying to sell. I bought a self-published tree guide book, put together by Richmond Girl Scouts in 1968 (four bucks, from the overpriced guy at the flea market on Belt Blvd.). Compared to internet sources, Russell Wright goes cheap in Richmond, and so I should go back for an $8 American Modern soup bowl. Other sites for dinnerware I learned about in a collectors book that came in the mail this week: Retrospective Modern Design, edish, and

Yippee! An episode of Futurama. See ya.

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